Preschool Checklist

Preschool Checklist

Use this useful check list to stay on track during your preschool search!

Create a list of prospective schools to visit.

Browse the schools’ websites and collect basic information on each one.

Call to inquire about the application process. Always ask if date of application is important in the admission process. Is it first come first served?

Set up a tour date. Please note that if you have a partner who will be helping with the preschool decision, your partner should also take the tour.

Tour (take lots of notes and do not be afraid to ask questions).

Send thank you card to the person who gave the tour.

Submit application and fee (you wouldn’t believe how many people forget to include the fee in their eagerness to apply!) by the deadline given.

Call the school to check that they received your application.

A few weeks before decisions are made it is a good idea to send a short note indicating that you are very interested in the program for their child. Only do this for programs where you would take a spot if offered one. It is unethical to do it for every school.

If you are offered a spot at a school you love, please, please, accept it right away. Then contact all the schools to say that you have a spot for your child for the fall and that they can take you off their list. This allows the wait-list to move for other families who may not have been as lucky as you.

Submit all the required paperwork on time.

Celebrate your successful navigation of this process and start researching kindergarten! (don’t dare do the latter without a waiting period of at least one year. I will be watching!

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